Rice Pudding with Strawberry-Purée

I have a sweet tooth. I admit it. The thing about sugar cravings is, that they – for some reason – magically appear in a blink of an eye but hardly ever disappear again. Sure, you can wait (if you are strong enough to endure it) and hope it’ll go away but for me, personally, this strategy hardly ever works. And, let’s be honest, we need to spoil ourselves from time to time. My mom always used to say: “Sometimes you simply need tomething that soothes your soul”. But as I am trying to eat healthy and as I simply hate eating things where I can’t pronounce the ingredients yet know where they come from, I usually try to make my very own sweet treats. Today was one  of those moments where I have tons of things on my to-do-list but then baaam! it struck me: sugar cravings. And as I am a master of procrastination, I said to myself: “You know, Karoline, sometimes you just need to take a break. Why don’t you make some rice pudding with strawberries?”.

Ingredients (about 2 portions)

125 g pudding rice
1/2 liter milk or any milk substitute
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon honey

a handful of fresh strawberries
2 tablespoons Cointreau
2 teaspoons sugar

optional: lemon zest

  1. Start by combining the milk with the rice and bring to a simmer. Cook as stated on the rice box (should take around 20 minutes). I use a coconut-rice-drink by a brand called JOYA, because it is a bit lighter than normal milk and has a slight sweet taste. The good thing about this brand is, that there aren’t any weird things added: It only consists of water, rice, coconut and a pinch of salt. Plus: The rice is grown in Italy and not imported from far away.
  2. You can add the vanilla sugar and the cinnamon at any time during the cooking process. I use bourbon vanilla sugar, because I believe it tastes more intense than artificial vanilla sugar.
  3. While the rice is cooking, wash your strawberries (make sure you buy regional and organic ones), slice them and throw them in a small pan. Add the Cointreau and the sugar and let cook for about 10 minutes until the strawberries are soft. If you don’t want to use Cointreau, you could also use Rum or just some water or some mint syrup. If you use syrup I’d add a bit of water and omit the sugar.
  4. Once the strawberries are nice and soft, press them trough a sieve. This makes sure that you will get a great purée without the little achenes (often mistaken to be seeds).
  5. If your pudding appears to be a bit too runny after cooking, don’t worry. The rice will absorb more liquid during the cooling process.
  6. Let the pudding cool down for a few minutes, then add the honey.
  7. You can either wait for the pudding to be cold or, if you are as impatient as me, just eat it warm. Don’t forget to sprinkle it with the strawberry-purée and some lemon zest!



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