Bangkok is different. It’s loud, it’s crowded, it’s smoggy, it’s awesome.

I probably wouldn’t want to live in Bangkok if I had family and kids and the smog definitely isn’t good for your health, the traffic never stops and the lights never go out. It’s a city full of life, food and people. Lots of people. Having more than eight million citizens, you could fit the entire population of Austria in it. It’s a megacity by any means. Yet there are places in Bangkok where you can find solitude, peace and calmness. I haven’t spent more than a week in Bangkok, but one of those places is Chatuchak Park in the evening. Chatuchak Weekend Market is very close, however, I wasn’t too impressed by it (try the coconut ice cream, though!). We found JJ Green to be much better. It’s a vintage/flea market with many nice places to eat and great live music at night. It’s very hip and there are fewer tourists than on the Weekend Market.

As it was our first time in Southeast Asia, we were a little cautious about what to eat, especially in the first couple of days – we simply weren’t sure how our bellies would react to the food. In retrospect, I regret being a little too careful. We did go to a street kitchen close to Hua Lamphong station and had some noodle-soup. People who are close to me know that I can always eat soup, no matter what time of day or if it’s steaming hot outside. And the soups we had were simply fantastic!

There are so many words to describe this city, but instead of telling you, I’ll show you a few pictures and let them speak for themselves.











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