Ra’mien – Vienna

I love soup. I could eat it all day long, for breakfast, lunch, dinner. People close to me know about this obsession, some are on my team, others don’t get why I love this liquid stuff.The thing about cooking soup – and especially broth – is that it’s supposed to cook for a few hours, as that’s the only way it can release its full flavor. For that reason I usually only cook a huge pot of vegetable broth in the winter months, consuming it across the span of a few days, or simply hop on the train instead to get some delicious home-made chicken soup at my parents’ or grandma’s place.

That said, you can imagine I was in food heaven when travelling through Thailand and Cambodia in February as you can get noodle soup on every corner. It’s just a delicious and healthy way to warm your body from the inside. Usually, the soup comes with pieces of vegetables, cilantro, sprouts, a lemon wedge on the side as well as sugar, soy sauce, chili and fish sauce. Actually, many Thai people love sugar in their soup. One day I was sitting in a street kitchen in the east of Thailand and the guy next to us shoveled, besides tons of chili, more than three teaspoons of sugar into his bowl (no kidding!). He actually let us try it and I have to say, I prefer it plain. Sure, sugar is an important ingredient in Thai cuisine, but I just love love love, the tangy taste of ginger, galgant and lemongrass in my soup.

Now back on topic.

I have an incredibly long list of restaurants to try, most of them in Vienna. One of the listings was a place called Ra’mien, located at Gumpendorferstraße 9, where South-East asian food is served. Since trying it for the first time, I’ve been back a few times. Why? Because they have delicious Pho and La Mien soup! But that’s not all: Everything else we’ve eaten there so far has been delicious. We tried the lemongrass-shrimp skewers, Phat Thai (a must-eat), duck, sushi and a few other things.

I’m gonna shut up now. Lean back, relax and enjoy

IMG_0048              ra'mien 1 gif


ra'mien 2 gif         IMG1


2 thoughts on “Ra’mien – Vienna

    1. Me too! It’s a great experience to not only visit foreign countries but really get to know them. One of the best ways to do so is through food. It reflects the country’s lifestyle, traditions and mindsets.


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