Week 1 – First Impressions

Exactly one week ago I said goodbye to Vienna, my family and my boyfriend and hopped on a plane to Copenhagen. I was devastated at that point. Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do even though I’ll be back home for a week in October. Also, there are magical things like FaceTime and Whatsapp that make it easy for us to stay in touch at any time. Technology is a great thing, you know. 

Now, one week later, I am more than happy about choosing to study in this beautiful city and I’m already feeling at home here. I had the incredible luck to get a room right in the city center with a nice view of the tower of “Vor Frue Kirke” (Church of Our Lady). From here, I can walk to most places in the city, but often it’s easier and a lot faster to go by bike. However, what I love most about this city is the proximity to the sea. I’ve always loved the sea but so far I’ve never had a chance to live close to the water.

During the last week I had a few days off, meaning I had plenty of time to explore the city and get to know my university and my surroundings a bit. There also were two introduction days at university that facilitated the whole settling-in-process a lot. So far, everyone at university has been incredibly helpful, open-minded and excited about all the new international students who have arrived this past week. I’m really looking forward to my program; it’s going to be tough and requires a lot of hard work but I am sure that in the end it’s going to pay off.

Here are a few first impressions. I didn’t take many pictures yet, but stay tuned as I plan on updating this blog regularly._DSC0800
IMG_1155 Kopie


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