Week 3 – Settling In

It’s already been three weeks since I left Austria and time is passing so fast, it’s unbelievable. University started two weeks ago and I’m starting to feel very much at home. My day usually starts around eight (except for Tuesdays, when classes start as early as eight). Then I meditate for 20 minutes (I’ll write more about that soon) and eat breakfast. I still can’t get enough of my daily banana-oatmeal. It’s such an easy, healthy and cheap way of having breakfast, it warms from the inside and I don’t feel like eating again for a few hours.

In contrast to the University of Vienna, where we had the same schedule week after week, classes here take place at different times and in different buildings every week. But thank God for technology, as my iCal finally has a purpose. I’m a little old-fashioned, which is why until recently I liked to rely on my paper calendar – you know, the one that has pages and requires an actual pen for input. I decided to eat at the canteen whenever I have classes all day long. It’s rather cheap and doesn’t taste too bad. They serve warm dishes, sandwiches and have both a salad bar and a buffet.

Apparently, Scandinavian universities like their students to read a lot. For my program that means an approximate 500 pages a week. I’m still trying to get used to academic reading again (haven’t done it in a few months) but so far I’ve managed to read at least three quarters of our weekly reading.

Speaking of, I’m going to stop here, wish you guys a great upcoming week and get back to reading about the resource-based view of the firm. Incredibly exciting….



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