Week 4 – The University

After three weeks of university, I thought it’s about time to show you guys where I go to school.  I never thought I’d ever attend a business school. I quote myself here: “Wild horses couldn’t drag me there.” Well, here I am, a master student at Copenhagen Business School. I can’t quite believe it myself yet. 

It turns out, I’m quite popular among institutions offering programs for a degree in higher education. Out of the seven programs I applied to, five  offered me a spot. The hard part was deciding which ones I would turn down. Unfortunately, everyone who’s close to me knows how bad I am when it comes to making decisions. Life is just too versatile to choose one singular thing (I’m sure they make toothbrushes in ten different colors simply to torture me).

So when it came to choosing which university to attend for graduate school, I wanted to do it all. But since beaming has not been invented yet, I had to let go of a music therapy program, and a program in tourism management, among others. Finally I decided I would go study in Copenhagen. I guess it was just too hard to turn down a university with such a great reputation and the graduate program in International Business Communication with a focus on Intercultural Marketing simply sounded way too appealing to resist.

Copenhagen Business School has different buildings all over Frederiksberg and today I want to show you two of the buildings where I have most of my classes. First of all, Sjolberg Plads, the “main building”, which is super modern and has a great library. Then there is Dalgas Have where you usually can find me during the week. This building is completely different from Sjolberg Plads. It was built in 1988 by the same architects that designed the opera house on the waterfront. When I first entered, It reminded me either of a prison or a children’s hospital. I decided to go with children’s hospital, taking into account the two ends of the building: one pink and one blue (great for finding your way around as everything else looks exactly the same).

_DSC0997 _DSC1002 _DSC1006 _DSC1009 _DSC1011 _DSC0860_DSC0856 _DSC0864 _DSC0870



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