Happy Holidays

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the winter months (it’s cold, dark, foggy and rainy when really everything should be white with snow and sunny), the time before Christmas is still special to me. This year, with me being abroad, I’ve been even more looking forward to going home, eating cookies and spending time with my family again. 

The past two months have been quite busy at university and work. Exams were coming up, assignments had to be turned in, my phone almost exploded and, in general, I wouldn’t say it was the most peaceful time of the year. However, I tried not to push myself too much because, let’s be honest, what’s the point of being all stressed out about life, when really, it’s just a matter of perspective?

Last week, I spent some time walking around Copenhagen and I have to admit that I might enjoy Copenhagen during Christmas time even more than Vienna. This might specifically be because the decoration in Copenhagen is just much more traditional. You won’t find Santas climbing up ladders on facades, but instead, garlands made of fir branches, sometimes combined with simple light chains, used for decorating streets and stores.

I’ve been to most of the Christmas markets in the city center, some of them nicer than others. The one with the big wheel for example, was a bit too kitschy for my taste. However, all in all I was very impressed with the way Copenhagen presents itself during the holidays. Christmas isn’t even over yet, but I’m already looking forward to next year. Then I’ll finally also try Risengrød (Danish rice pudding) and Æbleskiver (tiny pancakes served with red jam). This year I went with the more touristy choices of Churros and Bratwurst.




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