Edinburgh, here we come!

What comes to your mind when thinking about Scotland? For me it was words like cold, castles, green, or landscape. And yes, this is what we got when my boyfriend and I travelled up North. BUT: we also got a lot more. 

We spent a total of 14 days in Scotland, ten of which we had planned on camping. But let’s start at the beginning.

Paji and I decided to take a Ryanair-flight from Bratislava to Edinburgh. It was a rather cheap flight, which – in our heads – sort of made up for the exhausting trip from Vienna to Bratislava with the bus leaving at six in the morning. Even though our plane wasn’t leaving until eleven, we still took the bus which left at six (thanks to the rather inconvenient bus schedule with busses departing only every two hours and the very real risk of busses being delayed). Whoever has flown with Ryanair before knows that it isn’t a very glamorous or spacious airline and you don’t even get free water on the flight (pack your water bottle!). That’s why we felt as if we had just hit the jackpot when we found out that we were allotted two exit row seats, meaning, we had looots of leg space. Plus, the third seat in our row was left empty. Couldn’t get any better, right?

After arriving in Edinburgh, we had to have our passports checked which took rather long – at least it felt like an eternity with a heavy backpack on your shoulders and the exhaustion wearing us out. Upon finally getting out of the airport we decided on taking the Airlink 100 bus to the city center. At first we thought this bus might be the most expensive means of public transportation to the city, keeping in mind that they even provide free wifi on-board, but as it later turned out, this actually is the cheaper(est?) alternative to the tram or taxi.

With one backpack each and a big suitcase with all our camping equipment (yes, we managed to pack our tent, sleeping bag, two pillows, air-mattress, flashlight, camping towels, cooking set plus silverware in one suitcase) we moved on to finding our Airbnb which we had booked well in advance. Edinburgh, also called the Athens of the North due to its seven hills, definitely deserves its name and we were rather exhausted when we finally got to our Airbnb. Later that afternoon we went out to the local Apple Store to pick up my boyfriend’s new toy, a dji Phantom 4 (check out his youtube channel p.c.holtz for some cool drone shots), enjoyed the sun, a phenomenon that doesn’t happen too often in the city I heard, and ate our first fish and chips. Back then we thought it tasted quite alright, not knowing what was about to come…

Schottland1 - 2Schottland1 - 4Schottland1 - 3Schottland1 - 1 (1)Schottland1 - 1Schottland1 - 3Schottland1 - 1 (3)Schottland1 - 1 (1)


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