No Fairies On Skye

After having spent two nights camping in pouring rain and storms so strong our tent almost flew off (note to self: never be too lazy to get up once more when you realize that your pajamas are still in the car – it’s freezing at night!), Paji and I decided to afford the luxury of an old-fashioned B&B once we reached the Isle of Skye on the third day of our road trip. 

And man, I didn’t know a pink bedroom with pink bed linen with floral pattern and an electric bed warmer (we unplugged it as soon as we found it… didn’t trust that weird metal net covering our bed) could make us feel so appreciative of a real roof over our heads.

After a hearty Scottish breakfast – I thought about taking the vegetarian version but couldn’t resist to try the traditional one, including poached eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms and black pudding (or was it haggis?), we moved on to visiting the so-called fairy-pools. We certainly didn’t expect them to look like this, given the fact that we were driving through thick fog, but at the same time we were hoping for something more romantic than brown, raging waterfalls. But oh well, we still had fun walking through the soaked grass and the pouring rain.

The next morning we woke up to sunshine and an amazing view. Actually, I woke up because the sun had heated up the tent to boiling temperatures making me sweat like hell under three layers of pants and five layers of shirts. But: The sun was finally out!



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