Why is Homophobia Still a Thing Today?

Today I woke up to a pitch black sky. My body’s natural reaction was to not give a sh.. about the alarm clock – a soft harp solo – and simply put the phone on snooze – at least five times. At last, my brain regained control of the rest of me, making me turn on the lights, an unpleasant experience which made every single part of my body scream furiously: „What the heck are you doing? It’s freaking dark outside! It’s unnatural to get up at this god-forsaken hour! Turn the light off and let me sleep, you stupid prick!“ 

When I quickly scrolled through my Instagram feed, a nasty habit I sort of took on thanks to my boyfriend, highly unrecommendable, I found a post which made me stop and think. In-between beautiful and mouth-watering pictures of chewy brownies with mint buttercream and chocolate ganache, seemingly happy couples and dreamy, snowy landscapes, two posts by a dear friend of mine, plain and clean, made me stop and think. And I was fully awake. Angry. Ashamed. And ready to write about it.


So why is homophobia still a thing? Isn’t it 2016? Aren’t we living in a postmodern, individualist society where the individual chooses who to be, where to work, who to marry? A society where individual’s choice should be at least accepted, if not respected?

I admit, I live in a bubble, we all do – not the LGBT community. I am privileged, never confronted with hate. Because I am considered normal – conforming with the norms widely accepted and constantly reinforced by mainstream discourse.

And I forget – forget about how hard it is to be considered different, queer, words and concepts which are constructed by a century-long tradition of casting out others. Why are people taking so long to respect and embrace any forms of affection no matter of which sex and gender? Why do people think in boxes of us and them, normal and abnormal, straight and homosexual? Why do people still use words such as gay in a derogatory manner?

When really, all we need is some more understanding, respect and love towards those around us. What does it hurt to respect others for being different than oneself? Does it in any way restrict our personal freedom? And why the heck do people take the liberty of deciding what is right or wrong?

Spread some more love and understanding. Please.


One thought on “Why is Homophobia Still a Thing Today?

  1. I wasn’t expecting such a thought provoking post today, all the more impressed and proud I am of you not being afraid to take it in that direction. 2016 has been a terrible year for progress, but I’m still optimistic that more and more people are resisting the oppression of minorities and the weak (be they sexual, racial or economic in nature). Can’t wait for more posts like this one (and just more posts in general 🙂 ).

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