Why is Homophobia Still a Thing Today?

Today I woke up to a pitch black sky. My body’s natural reaction was to not give a sh.. about the alarm clock – a soft harp solo – and simply put the phone on snooze – at least five times. At last, my brain regained control of the rest of me, making me turn on the lights, an unpleasant experience which made every single part of my body scream furiously: „What the heck are you doing? It’s freaking dark outside! It’s unnatural to get up at this god-forsaken hour! Turn the light off and let me sleep, you stupid prick!“  Continue reading


Summer Pasta Bowl

Let’s be honest: Every ten-year old knows how to make pasta and I won’t lie to you, the following recipe is not a reinvention of the wheel. However, it might serve as an inspiration to some of you. To me, this bowl of pasta embodies summer at its best: Continue reading

No Fairies On Skye

After having spent two nights camping in pouring rain and storms so strong our tent almost flew off (note to self: never be too lazy to get up once more when you realize that your pajamas are still in the car – it’s freezing at night!), Paji and I decided to afford the luxury of an old-fashioned B&B once we reached the Isle of Skye on the third day of our road trip.  Continue reading