Week 2 – My Daily Breakfast

When I was a kid I never ate breakfast. Even the thought of having to eat before school made me sick. My mom knew how I felt and in the beginning she offered me cacao “to get something warm into your body” but even that was too much for me. Well, these times are over now. Continue reading



A few weeks back I had been craving freshly baked bread so badly that I decided to bake olive-thyme-rolls for breakfast. Basically a good idea but first of all, I didn’t think about the time it takes for them to rise (yeast, hurry up a bit! I’m hungry!), secondly I didn’t think about the heat an oven produces. As it was about 30º Celcius (86º Fahrenheit) outside, baking bread-rolls might not have been the smartest thing to do. Continue reading

Rice Pudding with Strawberry-Purée

I have a sweet tooth. I admit it. The thing about sugar cravings is, that they – for some reason – magically appear in a blink of an eye but hardly ever disappear again. Sure, you can wait (if you are strong enough to endure it) and hope it’ll go away but for me, personally, this strategy hardly ever works. And, let’s be honest, we need to spoil ourselves from time to time. Continue reading