Why is Homophobia Still a Thing Today?

Today I woke up to a pitch black sky. My body’s natural reaction was to not give a sh.. about the alarm clock – a soft harp solo – and simply put the phone on snooze – at least five times. At last, my brain regained control of the rest of me, making me turn on the lights, an unpleasant experience which made every single part of my body scream furiously: „What the heck are you doing? It’s freaking dark outside! It’s unnatural to get up at this god-forsaken hour! Turn the light off and let me sleep, you stupid prick!“  Continue reading


Week 4 – The University

After three weeks of university, I thought it’s about time to show you guys where I go to school.  I never thought I’d ever attend a business school. I quote myself here: “Wild horses couldn’t drag me there.” Well, here I am, a master student at Copenhagen Business School. I can’t quite believe it myself yet.  Continue reading

Week 1 – First Impressions

Exactly one week ago I said goodbye to Vienna, my family and my boyfriend and hopped on a plane to Copenhagen. I was devastated at that point. Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do even though I’ll be back home for a week in October. Also, there are magical things like FaceTime and Whatsapp that make it easy for us to stay in touch at any time. Technology is a great thing, you know.  Continue reading