Happy Holidays

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the winter months (it’s cold, dark, foggy and rainy when really everything should be white with snow and sunny), the time before Christmas is still special to me. This year, with me being abroad, I’ve been even more looking forward to going home, eating cookies and spending time with my family again.  Continue reading


42Raw – Copenhagen

I love food and eating out. I really do. It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive all the time, it’s just nice to grab my boyfriend, parents, friends, cousin or aunt every now and then and spend a couple of peaceful hours at a place that serves good food.  Continue reading

Week 1 – First Impressions

Exactly one week ago I said goodbye to Vienna, my family and my boyfriend and hopped on a plane to Copenhagen. I was devastated at that point. Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do even though I’ll be back home for a week in October. Also, there are magical things like FaceTime and Whatsapp that make it easy for us to stay in touch at any time. Technology is a great thing, you know.  Continue reading

10 Tips for Finding an Accommodation in Copenhagen

Finding a place to stay in Copenhagen is a nightmare! No kidding! I’ve been following different Facebook-pages where people offer and search for accomodation and, gosh, I am so happy I have found a nice place to live weeks ago. Posts like “What do I have to do to find a place to live? Do I have to donate a kidney or what?” or “Help! I’m homeless! Looking for a room ASAP!” aren’t rare. Continue reading